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I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information supplied by me is correct, and that I am not aware of any adverse information which I have not disclosed which may effect my employment. I accept that I must keep GKH Recruitment Ltd informed at all times of any changes to my personal and licence details.

1. Have you at any time in the last five years been convicted of any motoring offences?:*
1. If yes please give details below:
2. Have you during the past ten years had your licence suspended?:*
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3. At the time of signing this form are there any pending prosecutions either vehicle or criminal which may effect your employment with GKH:*
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Employee Medical History Details

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IMPORTANT: The information supplied is to the best of my knowledge correct and I understand that failure to disclose the relevant information or giving false information may result in my termination of employment.

Have you ever suffered from any of the following illnesses?

1. Do you have any eyesight defects other than those corrected by glasses or contact lenses? *
2. Do you have any hearing defects? *
3. Do you have any defect of speech or communication problem?*
4. Do you have any physical disabilities that will necessitate in special aids,or requirements for access to premises?*
5. Are you currently attending a doctor?*
6. Have you ever suffered from black outs, fainting, epilepsy or fits?*
7. Have you ever suffered recurrent headaches or migraines? *
8. Have you ever suffered from heart disease or high blood pressure?*
9. Have you ever suffered from diabetes, thyroid or any other gland problem?*
10. Have you ever suffered from any drug or alcohol related problems? *
11. Any other medical condition, physical or mental, not mentioned above?*

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